Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Letter from Camp

My grandson finally sent a letter this week, just 2 days before he got picked up from camp. Better late than never, I suppose. He had been there 2 weeks as of the 22nd, and this is the first any of us have heard from him, even his mom.

The letter reads:
"Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

I am having fun! It was hard the first day to get used to things like the taste in food and water. I still have trouble with that. I got used to the cabin. I have made lots of friends. I am having a blast. I got stung by a hornet while trying to catch a football. I stepped in it's nest too, but I am o.k. I love you! "

We are so pleased to know that he had fun at camp, especially since it is the same camp his mom, aunt and uncle went to when they were kids. Next year, his twin brother and sister will go with him, and in a few years, they will be joined by their younger sister, who is now almost 7.

While this one was at camp, the rest of the family was at a resort in western NC, where they have hiked, swam in lakes and pools, panned for gemstones, ridden horses, walked through and behind waterfalls, and as soon as they pick up the happy camper, they are going white-water tubing on a river! How's that for a fun-filled vacation? It makes me tired just typing about it!


RennyBA said...

Hello, Michele sent me and I'll ad hi from Norway. Have a great end to your week!

Anonymous said...

I miss camp. . . and the really sugary orange drink they used to give us.
Michele sent me!

Raggedy said...

How nice to get a letter!
It sounds like a fantastic summer!
Have a wonderful day.

Sonia said...

Sounds he had a great fun at camp!
So nice he sent a letter!
Have a great summer!

goldenlucyd said...

Although I think your family camp tradition is commendable I suggest there's nothing natural about nature. Perhaps it's the hornets. Or maybe it's just me.

In any case, your grandson sounds like a love!

srp said...

Into every life a little bee or hornet must come. Glad to hear he is having fun.

The skyline is amazing from this fifth floor apartment. The Empire State Building is visible and the empty space where the towers stood. Di told me Alec was home that day and saw the second plane hit and the buildings fall. She was uptown that day showing an apartment to a man whose office was at the World Trade Center. This little twist of fate may have saved his life.

Carmi said...

There's something timeless about a child's letter from camp. He'll look back at this someday and treasure it - as well as the fact that you took the time to mark it in this way.

Jenny said...

Michele sent me! That summer camp sounds wonderful :)

Raehan said...

Gosh, we really need to plan better vacations.


panthergirl said...

My son refuses to go to sleep-away camp, and in some ways... I'd be nervous to send him. I know that lots of kids love it (my daughter went for a month when she was 13) but I guess I'm fearful about bad things happening to him.

My friend's son woke up floating in the middle of the lake on his air mattress. Stuff like that!

I'm an over-protective mom, I know. ;)

PI said...

What a lovely family. My younger aon and wife come this next week-end and I suspect it will be the first time my grand-son (18) will have better things to do.
Boo hoo!