Friday, July 28, 2006

All you ever wanted to know about kenju's food preferences

I stole this meme from the wonderful Shephard. Go there, read, and laugh your butt off. I always do.

How do you like your eggs? Any way I can get them. I LOVE me some eggs! I know the docs said they are bad for you, but then they came back and said they are not as bad as originally thought. If you wait long enough, some more research will come out saying you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't eat eggs everyday. I am sure of it!

How do you take your coffee/tea: Coffee: hot and black, Tea: hot and green, preferably. I do like sweet iced tea as well.

Favorite breakfast foods: See eggs above. I love going out for breakfast and ordering scrambled eggs (soft), bacon, biscuits, jam and decaf. Or if I'm feeling really fancy, I order Eggs Benedict. I had that last year when we went to NYC to visit my daughter. She took us to a great place for brunch on Sunday called "Balthazar" and the Eggs Benedict was served with asparagus and wild mushrooms. It was the best I've ever had, and I have eaten Benedict in many places over the years. See it here:

Peanut butter: smooth or crunchy? crunchy, but I'll eat smooth too. I love it on Ritz Crackers or with celery, and with chocolate.

What kind of dressing on your salad? Raspberry-Walnut Vinagrette or Ranch, on the side. I also like honey mustard, if it isn't too sweet.

Coke or Pepsi? caffeine-free, Diet Coke. Pepsi tastes like perfume to me. Cheap perfume.

You're feeling lazy. What do you make? Eggs and English Muffins.

You're feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order? We don't order it anymore. I like the California Pizza Kitchen frozen white (cheese) pizzas and their Pizza Marguerita, from the grocery store.

You feel like cooking. What do you make? London Broil with Darby sauce, or maybe chicken and dumplings, or lasagna, or roasted turkey breast and mashed potatoes. I also love grilling chicken and I'm sharing my secret with you. Well, it really isn't MY secret. See the best stuff for grilling here:

Do any foods bring back good memories? Food brings back so many good memories for me. I have written about my parents and my aunt and grandmom's cooking here:

Do any foods bring back bad memories? Yes, the icky Chun King chopped suey my mom bought once. It was slimy with cornstarch and I hated every bite she made me take. Finally I rebelled and said " NO more. I'll starve first." She relented, and that was the last time she subjected daddy or me to that horror. I do love Chinese food now, but not that glop in a can.

Do any foods remind you of someone? Yes, chicken and dumplings remind me of my grandmom, who used to cook it in a huge pot and sing hymns, such as "I come to the garden alone....." while stirring. Also something called "leatherbritches" beans. It is green beans that have been dried and strung on string, and then hung in a hot, dry place until they dry out. They are cooked for hours and hours in a deep stock pot, with ham hocks or streak o' lean, and they are fabulous! The secret died with my mom, so I doubt I'll ever have them again.

Is there a food you refuse to eat? Yes, LIVER is nasty! I cannot even stand to smell it cooking. Oddly enough, though, I can eat Braunschweiger, and it is derived from liver.

What was your favorite food as a child? My aunt's spaghetti, my dad's french fries cooked in rendered suet (quit gagging, Shephard), and my mom's fried chicken and gravy. Heaven.

Is there a food that you hated as a child but now love? Spinach, asparagus, egg plant and lima beans.

Is there a food that you loved as a child but now hate? Can't think of anything.

Favorite fruit: Blueberries and raspberries, watermelon (salted, like Shephard), grapefruit (also salted), oranges, fresh peaches and plums, papaya, mango and guava, grapes and tomatoes, fresh from the vine. I guess there isn't a fruit I don't like, but my least favorite is an apple.

Favorite vegetable? Asparagus, corn on the cob, broccoli and cauliflower (no cheese) and potatoes in any form!

Favorite junk food: Popcorn with butter, and if I am feeling thin, some chocolate with it. Seldom feel thin anymore, though.

Favorite between meal snack: Anything salty. I should just put a salt lick by my desk. (I'm keeping Shephard's answer - it goes well for me too!)

Do you have any weird food habits: As a kid, I used to eat sandwiches made of peanut butter, dill pickles and sliced onions with mustard. Sometimes I threw on a slice of salami for good measure. The first time mr. kenju saw me eat one of those, he almost barfed. Then he smelled my breath - and did....LOL

You're on a diet. What food(s) do you fill up on? I have NEVER been on a diet, and until recently, I have not needed it. I hate to deprive myself of anything (spoiled, I am)!

You're off your diet. Now what would you like? Anything but liver or sashimi.

How spicy do you order Indian/Thai? Seldom eat either one, but I do like spicy Chinese foods such as orange beef and General Tso's chicken and Indian chicken Tandoori.

Can I get you a drink? A bloody Mary or a very salty, cold Margarita. A daily treat is an icy cold beer just before bedtime.

Red wine or white? Red, I like merlot (quit snickering) and shiraz, syrah and beaujolais. My favorite right now is the one from Australia (with the kangaroo on the label- I am too lazy to go downstairs and look in the fridge for the name). It is inexpensive and always pleasant on the palate.

Beer: Miller light, or almost any light beer. I'm not very adventuresome when it comes to beer.

Favorite dessert? Creme brulee or white chunk chocolate macadamia nut cookies. I'm drooling now.

The perfect nightcap? Hot buttered popcorn and an icy cold beer.


carli said...

yum. I'd say that made me hungry, but I ate so much garbage today, not even a free pizza extravaganza could make me eat. Oh, and Michele sent me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the note about my pics...they were showing when I logged on but no one else could see I deleted the post. Thanks again. Maybe next time. Liked this meme!

Pearl said...

That eggs benedict sounds rich and rewarding alright.

Chicken and dumpling is my mom's signature dish. What an unusual thing to do with green beans.

Shephard said...

Oh, I loved all your answers too! lol Many of them were similar.

I bet you could ferret out that leather-britches bean recipe by exploring region cookbooks, or writing famous American chefs. :)

P.S. I might add, you are most likely excluded from most any negative effect "those" shows we were talking about would have...because you're not so impressionable and naive. :) I'm pretty certain compassion is not something you need help with. :) I'm more concerned with the impressionable and what they're getting from reality shows.


Aimee "Roo" said...

Hello from Micheles!

Becky68 said...

Here from Micheles, love this meme!

Pearl said...

I'm with you on the fruit and can back the creme brullee. Still working on liking lima beans myself. So far as smoking the beans, makes sense. In my family we canned them in vinegar.

Sue said...

Just had a nice dinner, but creme brulee would be great! My brother makes an over the top chocolate creme brulee...

jairam said...

i used to hate ezting veggies when i was a kid, but now that i'm older, i love spinach and eggplant :)

Chrixean said...

All that talk about food and drinks is making me hungry... again!

Great meme! Just dropping by from Michele's today :-)

Ravvy said...

Here Via Micheles (im a bit late than when i posted i was coming - I get distracted easily!)

My friend Alex had that on hers aswell! I think its funny and good to know in a sort of 'never going to need that info anyway' kinda way... haha!

Have a loverly day my dear! C U next time i pop by :D!!

utenzi said...

Good morning, Judy. Michele sent me!

Two of my favorite foods are chicken and dumplings and lasagna. I think bruchetta and goulash would also be on the list--and perhaps grilled cheese sandwiches and mac & cheese (when made from scratch). But no beer. *shudder*

srp said...

Well, your strange food (the one that made poor mr kenju sick) so far out stranges mine that I'm not even going to mention it.

I love the same salad dressings as you do. I see that Balthazar has a bakery, we will try to check it out. Apparently a REAL heat wave is on the way. I hope the gardens have some indoor places to cool off a bit.

Courtney said...

I used to drink solely white wines, but now I'm almost exclusively reds. Go figure.
Here via Michele.

gnumoon said...

OK, I'm starving now.

And as I matured, my wine choice went from coolers to pink to white to red. :)

Jamie Dawn said...

I really love breakfast foods. Yummy eggs and biscuits and jam and lots of bacon and sausage.
I could eat pizza a few times a week and probably not ever get tired of it. I have always loved pizza, and I guess I always will.
Too bad you don't appreciate a good plate of liver and onions. I think liver & onions taste yummy.
I'm with you on the dessert choices!! But, then, there's not many desserts that I don't like.

Florence said...

Hi kenju, here via Michele's. I read down a fair way and I thought the story abou the Holy man was very good. Thanks for sharing:)

margalit said...

What a great meme. I'd do it but I have no time.... this blogging every 30 minutes is time consuming!

I think that sandwich you used to eat sounds so disgusting I'd die if I had to eat it but then again, I HATE peanut butter. Yup, I really do. Can't stand to smell it.

Here from Michele

Wordnerd said...

Yum! Love your answers, except for the sandwich.

MissMeliss said...

I'm now officially hungry....and I just ate.

Haven't been here in forever. Michele sent me.

Framed said...

I saw your blog on Merle's and decided to visit. I really like this post. It's so fun. Some of your food sounds fantastic and, yes, the sandwich is really weird. Can I borrow this idea for my blog?

Maya's Granny said...

Seeing your comment on my blog, I had to come and visit you. Glad I did.

I lived with my great-aunt when I was in high school and she used to make chicken and dumplings. Soooo good. Also, I love watermelon and almost all fruit. Peanut butter sandwiches with slices of Bermuda onion and chili powder or peanut butter soup are my strange foods.

Anonymous said...

I love wearing my "I eat meat" shirt when mixing it up with the new age vegans. Grilling makes me feel good about who I am. The taste of a nicely cooked hunk of flesh can't be beat. I think they have other stuff at besides just shirts and mugs for those who love meat. Good luck!