Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Part II

The small green glass frog was hand-blown; my daughter gave me that one. The yellow one is rubber, given to me by my granddaughter, who bought it while on a trip to a museum. The "pile" of frogs next to it was given to me by Mr. kenju. It deserves a whole photo to itself, as you can only see about 1/3 of it here. I will post more of this one in the next frog blog.

Resting atop the green ink bottle is a small frog pick I got from the florist wholesaler. It was meant to rest in a flower arrangement, but I think he looks very much at home here, don't you?

In case you ask, the stained glass shepherd (which was supposed to be a pharoah) was a class project; the only one I have left from my stained-glass days. The small swirled green and blue glass dish was a gift from a friend who bought it in Israel, because she knew how I loved blues and greens together. I almost forgot to mention the frog holding the fluted glass vial which is sitting on the lower sill. Here, it holds a cremy white rose, but it often holds whatever left-over or broken blossoms I have
Posted by Picasafrom the previous week's wedding. Hanging on the upper right of the cabinet valance, a frog "dancer" holding an umbrella. I call him "Twinkle Toes" and imagine that he is walking a tight-rope for my enjoyment. He deserves a close-up too, but I lost the one I had. More of him in a later post. I hope you enjoy these frogs!


ribbiticus said...

beautiful collection, judy! i especially love mr. twinkle toes! i love how you chose to display him hanging by the windowsill - it's more whimsical that way. ;)

maybe i should spotlight my froggies, too, whachathink? ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

Have a good time away from home. I hope you take photos of things you see along the way.

Your froggies are so cute! I can tell by the photos that your home is a friendly place. It looks like you've got to do a lot of dusting to keep those knick-knacks shiny.

You really got clobbered with rain from Alberto!

Suburban Turmoil said...

How cool. And the Pharaoh does look like a Pharaoh, so no worries there!

Hope you're having a good trip! :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOVE these frogs Judy....Your collectoon, at leasst what you've shown us so far is wonderful! I remember you saying a lomg time ago that you like your fromgs to really look like frogs and not sort of joke-frogs...those were not your exact words but I think I got the udea and now seeing all these different frogs I really can see that all of them are very mucg representatinal or 'realistic' and truly truly beautiful and fun!

Badaunt said...

Your frogs are lovely. We only have the real thing (outside, not in!), and I've discovered they don't like being photographed. Every time I try to take a picture of a frog the result is a blur.

Have a lovely trip!

Weary Hag said...

Cool little froggies!

My, my but you DO have collections, don't you?

Thanks for sharing these GREAT pictures!