Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Odds and Ends ~ 5

It's hard to be religious when certain people are never incinerated by bolts of lightning.

Bill Watterson, comic strip artist (1958- ), in his comic strip Calvin & Hobbes.

Do you miss Calvin & Hobbes as much as I do?

I went to the drive through, bought lunch, drove behind the restaurant into a grocery store lot, where I park to eat and read. Sometimes that is the only way I can sit (and justify it) during the day. I lowered the car windows and was assaulted with "eau de dumpster". I always park in the same place, and that has never happened before. Perhaps the dumpster company is late picking up the trash? I know I will definitely find a new place to park in the future!



Some of you post from time to time what keywords have brought people to your sites. I always find something to laugh about with yours, but seldom find anything amusing about the keywords used to find me. Until now.

"what's in a mcdonalds iced coffee?" Unnnnhhh, wouldn't you know this already? I mean not too much can be in it except coffee and ice, and whatever else you add....LOL


Tracie said...

Oh...I do miss Calvin and Hobbs!

McDonald's Iced Coffee??
Aren't those the things that you buy at Burger King with the chicken and lettuce??----crazy people!

Raggedy said...

I miss Calvin and Hobbs too! Lol at the McDonald iced coffee. Holds my nose thinking of where you parked for lunch. Hugs and have a wonderful evening!

ET said...

McDonald's spicy chicken was good and tasty and not that bad for you - and they must have realized what they had because they quit offereing it.

Peter said...

Hi Judy, we still get Calvin and Hobbes syndicated in quitew a few newspapers here, I've saved quite a lot of the snowman series from the start of a winter, don't know which one.
I'm a bit like you in that I collect things, cartoons and poetry are a couple of them.

Anonymous said...

Now I have a craving for more Calvin and Hobbes!!! Gota go check on those keywords now :)

mar said...

I love Calvin and Hobbes! those keywords are hilarious! mine are not fun, most people get to my blog while looking for "snow in spain" and now the world cup is doing it!

Jennifer said...

Calvin & Hobbes were/are the greatest. And Kenju? I couldn't help but laugh and think of you last night as I was taking out the garbage, only to interrupt an apparent meeting of ten or so baby frogs on my driveway. :-)

Pickalish said...

Growing up, my mom had a little sign hanging in the kitchen that said: God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts. I've always loved that one. ha.

Wordnerd said...

Yes yes yes I miss Calvin & Hobbes. And I love that quote! Visiting this morning from Michele's, although you know I'd have dropped in anyway!

utenzi said...

I've got all the Calvin & Hobbes books, Judy, but I wish there were new strips still being written. Watterson has quite the mind for comedic settings and ways of thinking. Bloom County, while not quite as good, had similar themes. I miss that one also.

Weary Hag said...

I miss Calvin and Hobbes but more than that I miss Farside. Gary Larsen was a genius who can never be replaced.

(I'm sure I spelled his name wrong, but I'm in too much of a hurry to look it up)

Have read your past few posts too and enjoyed them! Glad you liked "Jabba the frog" hahaha


Jamie Dawn said...

Uh... ummm... what's in a milkshake? Cuz I shooked me up some milk and nothin' happened.

Lord, strike me now!! :)

Duke_of_Earle said...

Calvin and Hobbes was one of my all-time favorites. I also really liked "Rick O'Shay." Remember that one?


srp said...

The last time I ate in a parking lot, I suddenly had the feeling that someone was watching me. I looked out the window and there was a seagull with his eyes directly on my little burger... where did he come from... all the rest were in the front of McDonalds. I threw a small piece of bred out the window and said good-bye.

metten said...

I always told anyone who would listen that Calvin and Hobbes was nothing more than an animated version of Walter Mitty...kind of like The Honeymooners vs. The Flintstones. The problem with that theory is that, even with the internet, nobody knows who Walter Mitty is. Now that they're gone, I've got no reason to bring up Walter Mitty and then get mad because nobody's ever heard of him.

Terri said...

I'm afraid I've never been a cartoon person...I know. It's odd. What can I say?
But I had to smile about your mention of McDonald's "ice coffee".....I swear, Judy, our brains follow the same track, as my blog tomorrow will explain. (I typed it up a little while ago) This isn't the first time this has happened....we both seem to be thinking of the same subject/topic.
I'm feeling ripples of the Twilight Zone here...lol

Tia said...

Calvin & Hobbes is the BEST!!

Thank you for stopping by my site today - and I hope your Swedish neighbor doesn't have a I-hate-Finns blog - or start one now?.... (Actually, truth be told I enjoyed the 2 years I lived in Sweden, but I'd never admit it to a Swede - that would ruin the whole love/hate thing...)

Shephard said...

I miss C&H ... do you have the HUMONGOUS hardbound everything collection of theirs? Beautiful book.

kenju said...

I used to have 2-3 of his books, but they have disappeared from my guest room. I think a guest helped himself....LOL

Merle said...

Hi Judy ~~ I don't know Calvin & Hobbes
but often cut out and keep cartoons, sayings, jokes and poems and KEEP them
all. Some are coming in handy now for blogging. I don't make soup in Summer, if I wanted soup would use a bought one, but usually in hot weather it is salad and salads for me. I eat hot dinners with lots of vegies all year round.
Take care, Merle.