Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tray detail

This is the tray that sits on the counter holding an antique cut-glass powder holder and a lotion dispenser. It is about 14" long and 7-8" wide.

This is a small sampling of what my aunt painted during her "career". She also painted wooden chairs, and had a set of six antique Hitchcock dining room chairs that were gorgeous. She let them go in a garage sale at a time in her life when she was hell-bent to downsize her belongings. I grieved for months. Had I known she was going to sell them, I would have made an offer. I do have 3 chairs that she painted, and I may show them someday.
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srp said...

Your grandmother was quite the artist. I know it really tore your heart out that she let those chairs go. What is a Hitchcock chair?

Jamie Dawn said...

Your guest bath is gorgeous. The decor is both rich and whimsical. The pieces you showed are so pretty.
I'd be happy to use your guest toilet any time!
There'd be so much to look at while I was... you know.

You never came back and told me why I could name my turtle Vili. Let me know when you come by my place.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

These things that your Aunt painted are soooo very beautiful! And I love that you havethat wonderful old Medicine Cabinet and that everything in it is "Vintage"...I wouldn't touch that bathroom, Judy! It's perfect just as it is!
So sad that you idn't know your Aunt was going to sell those chairs....That would have haunted me, too! Can't wait to see the rug and how that fits with the rest of the bathroom...Lovely to see all these things...and I'd love to see a close-up of the leaves ob that long rectangular tray. They look very very beautiful.

Badaunt said...

Those are gorgeous. Your aunt had real talent.

ribbiticus said...

hi judy! i think i would love to stay in your house and soak up all that beauty and history. your house has so many valuable "treasures"! :)