Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Toleware Close-ups

This tray is the one from the last set of photos with the bad reflection. Here you can see a bit more of the detail. The blue morning glories are luminous, as the paint was mixed with gold leaf. I will never use this tray to carry drinks because I am afraid it would mar the paint design.

The next tray is for apples, and is not flat, but curved upward at the sides. My aunt painted this one in 1956. About 5 years ago, I found a smaller version (4") of the same tray, with the same design, which was signed by a woman named Edna in 1962. I use it as a jewelry/ring holder in this bathroom.

The third photo is a document box, which I sometimes use to stack hand towels inside. See how well it blends with the wallpaper? I may leave this room decorated as it is until they carry me out on a stretcher (or in a straight-jacket). It would be too hard to come up with another color scheme. I forgot to photograph the rug, but you will see that as soon as I get around to photographing my frog collection.

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Chancy said...

So very interesting that you have those trays painted by your Mom and Aunt. I agree that they are much better on the wall where they are shown off to perfection and do not stand the chance of getting marred. They are so beautiful and your photos are great.

Merle said...

Hi Judy ~~ All your photos are lovely.
Thank you for showing them to us. You
have some beautiful things in your home.
I am glad you liked the prayer at my
blog. Take care Judy, keep well

My float said...

All these are such beautiful things. When I had time (ie before baby!) I loved to decoupage and made a few items that I mostly gave away. There is little better than sitting in your own mind space and creating an item of beauty.

Here from Michele's, but I meant to visit you earlier in the week to say thank you for visiting me!

PI said...

Such a beatiful box. I think once you get things right you should leave them. Who cares about fashion and trends. You can get daily pleasure from your objects. So valuable in the winter when the garden is bare.