Saturday, March 18, 2006

What a Way to Start Spring!

Yesterday morning when I woke up, mr. kenju had gone to a morning Bible study and I was alone in bed with my two faithful companions. I lay still for a few minutes, trying to assess how I was feeling, and I noticed some wheezing and whistling noises. Hmmm, I thought, while stretching lazily, the cats are snoring. After a few minutes I realized that the wheezing and whistling was not coming from the cats - but from me. Everytime I exhaled, a sort of squeeky rale followed. Uh-oh, I said to myself, it's time to call the doctor.

My appointment was at 1pm, and after the required poking and prodding and looking in all the nooks and crannies, the doc decided that my illness had begun with the flu, but it had progressed to a secondary infection. Armed with 3 prescriptions, 2 OTC meds orders and a sample nasal spray, we went to the pharmacy. WHY does it always take a minimum of 30 minutes to fill an Rx, no matter how many people are in line? There was only one woman waiting before me, so I expected to be out of there in short order. With 2 pharmacists and an attendant on duty, you would think that was not an unusual expectation. Would you?

I went to the ladies room and mr. kenju, who has never met a stranger, chatted up another woman who was suffering, evidently, from the same malady as I. We commiserated about having the illness and having to wait for our meds, and the absolute un-wisdom of us having to sit there and breathe out all our germs on the other patrons of the store. Finally, I was given the bag of prescriptions after I handed over a fair amount of money, and we left for home.

Then I did something really, really stupid. I took the medicines before reading the patient information that came with them. Uh-oh, all over again! One of the OTC preparations was not to be taken along with one of the Rx's, up to 2 hours before or after.

Oh, Lord, I thought, what have I done to myself?! The patient info did not say what might happen if you took the two together; I suspect the presence of one negated the usefulness of the other - but I couldn't be sure. I debated calling the doctor's office to confess my sin, but I didn't want her to know I was that careless. So, I waited it out, suffering no new symptoms, for which I am very thankful. In the future I promise never to take medicine without reading about it first - and you should make that promise too!

I am better today, and growing very tired of being sick. Apparently the antibiotic is working it's magic and I have high hopes of being well again by Monday at the latest. Thanks to all of you who have come to leave your good wishes and felicitations; they help - maybe more than you know.


Loren said...

There's something just plain wrong about being sick when the weather is finally improving.

I suffer from hay fever in the Spring, and it always seems wrong that something as beautiful as cherry blossoms can make me feel so good and so bad at the same time.

Take care, as I get older I find I don't deal with grandkids' colds quite as well as I used to, when I could stay in bed one day and then be off and running.

panthergirl said...

Ah, Judy. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well! And I agree about the waiting time for prescriptions. My son and I both take a lot of meds (the mental health kind) so I feel as though I *live* in the pharmacy. Better living through chemistry, I guess!

Continue to feel better!

Here via michele

Her Accessories :) said...

I know that it's a good reason to read the material that the pharmacist gives to you, but sometimes it scarier just knowing the potential side effects. But glad to know that you are feeling better.


goldenlucyd said...

Kenu is very brave! If I'd taken a bad combo of meds I'm sure I'd have decided my other foot (the good one) was in the grave. Of course I'd also have driven everybody else completely batty before I went to the great beyond.

You're amazing, Kenju. I couldn't write a word when I was sick last week. As usual you don't let us down just because you are.
GD bless and get well soon!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So glad you went to the doctor Judy...And that you actually can see a doctor on Saturday! THAT'S A MIRACKE! (lol) I'm so sorry that your malady has lkingered on into a secondary infection...But glad you now have the stuff to fight it with...Hope you feel much better very very soob, my dear.

Chancy said...

Now you WILL be all well soon. The antibiotic will clear up the infection and you will feel like yourself again real soon.

Take care

Same thing happened to me recently with the "kittens in my chest" Bronchitis after the flu...antibiotic cleared it up


Laura said...

A doctor who takes visits on Saturdays is rare where I live!
I'm so glad you're on the mend at last. Mr. Kenju sounds like a real friendly person!
I read somewhere that taking two Rx prescriptions too close together can cause a strong desire to blog incessantly throughout the day. We'll have to keep an eye on ya, Judy. ;)

justrose said...

feel better feel better feel better!

the thing we've had here has been perpetual. the whistly lung sounds can be scary. i am glad you got to the doctor.

the other week after being out cavorting i double-took my psych drug. i FORGOT i took it the first time. i was forced to confess it to the pharmacist, who said, "just don't take any more today." it happens. i am glad you were okay.

srp said...

Glad you are feeling better and I think 30 minutes isn't too bad. Eckerds ignored me for over 40 minutes because my moms scripts were too complicated. We don't go there anymore. The Walgreen pharmacy close by is much more helpful. I don't go to doctors. At least only as a last resort. But then I have an excuse. :)

The little chickadees and finches are frequenting my little hanging food bags and give our companions here many hours of enjoyment. I never knew the chickadees were so loud.

Do get well. Maybe the cold will go by the time you get outside again.

Linda said...

michele sent me tonight (well, for me it's tomorrow). Hope you are going to start feeling better...never a good way to start the spring seaon.

Carmi said...

The unwritten rule of the pharmacy is thus: while us poor proles cool our heels out front, they sit quietly in the back and play spades.

Our time, apparently, has no value to them.

I'm still praying for a rapid recovery. No one deserves to be sick for long. Especially good souls like you.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, darn, Judy, I take a couple days off and you come down with the whiplash or something. You'll be okay, I just know. Ernie said.

ET said...

You may be wheezing but your mind seems to be getting perky again.

Greg Finnegan said...

Judy, I check out drug side effects, interactions, warnings and history via Google. I started doing that as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. Spmetimes I'd have to handle different stuff, and I wanted to know what it was.

Once my doctor criticized a few pounds I had added, when I intended to go the other way. I traced it to his prescription for glyburide, and I told him about it after I checked it out - something, by his embarrassment, I saw that he had not done.

T. said...

Sorry you feel lousy. Here's hoping the meds work their magic.

Michele sent me.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hi Judy...
Just saw your comment about Utenzi...LOL, LOL, LOL..I think you are right. The funny thing is someone on his site is a cat lover cause he has that cute cute photo as part of his home page thingy, at the top! Maybe he is funnin' us!
So glad you are feeling enough better to be visiting and blogging! Antibiotics..The Miracle Of Our Age!

And thanks for your very sweet remarks about the Anonymous mean are right. It's just I didn't realize how much that hurt me till I actually acknowledged it, you know? Hopefully I can let it all go now...especially with the loving support of you and others, my dear.

Keep on getting better and better, dear Judy.

kontan said...

glad you are getting a better bit by bit...and yes good idea about reading before taking!

clicked from micheles

Peter said...

Hi Judy, time to get well, you don't want to miss spring do you?