Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pack Rat? I think not !

When I saw this cartoon in the paper this morning, I immediately thought of the good-natured ribbing that some of you have given me about my "collections".

See......I'm not a pack rat.....'cause I'm !

Have to tell you this too.....spammers are getting desperate to find names they can use to send email. I just got spam with the name "Composition H. Unclearest". Sounds like an acne preparation, doesn't it?


poopie said...

Umm..where do non-packrats file pictures of people they don't know ;) Happy almost Valentine's Day Judy. Send me some flowers!!

Peter said...

Okay, it's modified to, "Organized Pack Rat" Lots of us would love to have the memento's you have Judy.

srp said...

Spam name: souns like a hemorrhoid medication to me.

I am an organized pack rat... it's just that I've forgotten which box my organized pack rat stuff is in.

utenzi said...

Hmmm. Now that you mention it, Judy, I do see the resemblance to April's comment in For Better or Worse. LOL

Jennifer said...


I can SO relate to that comic. Oh, the scrapbooks I will make.



Carmi said...

My favorite comic. If I have time for nothing else in the morning before we leave the house, I quickly scan FBOFW to get my daily fix.

I almost feel as if I've grown up with that family.