Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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mar said...

Beautiful, Judy!

Laura said...

If my daughter ever gets married, I'm going to hire you!!!!!!

She's 17 so we have quite a few years, however. So Please don't retire beforehand!
These were beautiful! I especially loved the flowers on the cakes, just gorgeous.

Stay sane this week, Judy! This time of the year you must be busier than...
uh.. busier than a couple painters like Poopie and I during a kitchen renovation. LOL!

ok sorry for the bad pun (g)

dena said...

Gorgeous! If there was one thing I would always want, it would be to fill my home with flowers.

Hope said...

You are very talented and your creations reflect it.

millie garfield said...

What a talented person you are! I enjoyed seeing what you have created.

Years ago I did business with a florist for a party that fell on Mothers Day weekend, boy did she have her hands full.

Valentines Day and Mothers Day must be the busiest times for you.

Will miss your posts. You are always fun to read.
I'll look in on you after the 14th.