Saturday, February 11, 2006

Melanie from Missouri

About 20 years ago, mr. kenju and I went to Cancun, with two of our children, who were 14 and 20 at the time.
While there, we met a child who was about ten. She had come to Mexico with her older sister, who was "recovering" from a recent divorce
.The child was lonely, since the sister didn't do much more than lie in the sun, so she began to follow us around the hotel complex, especially when we were at the pool or the beach.

For six days, we spent a great deal of time with this girl, who would hang on me in the pool as though she were mine. When they left for home, she asked for my address. I didn't expect to hear from her, but she sent a Christmas card every year, and once in a while, the photos would come too. The middle photo on the bottom was her high school graduation photo.

The last photo came in a card announcing her wedding date, and after that, she never contacted me again. I have often wondered what became of her, and if she did indeed marry her guy and settle down. If you know this girl, tell her Judy said hello.
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Lisa said...

what a lovely story! Now I wonder what happened to her as well. You must have had a huge impact on her for her to keep in touch all those years.
Here from michele's this time! :-)

srp said...

If we take the time to think about it, we all have people like this. Perhaps we knew them better but they have been "lost to follow-up". I can think of three right off hand. I searced the net and think I found them but haven't had any courage to contact them yet. It is a comfort just to know where they are.

petunia said...

This is weird - i believe i have actually seen this girl in St. Louis!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sooo interesting Judy...Isn't funny that after sending you this many photo's over so many years she suddenly stopped...! I love that you have all of them, too!
Amazing....and how long ago was it that she sent you the last it years and years?

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope she did get married and has had a happy life.
You must have made an impression on her, for her to have kept in touch like she did.
I hope she contacts you again.

Maria said...

I do hope someone is able to give you a clue as to where she is now. It would be so nice if the two of you could get together. Just a thought, if you remember her graduation year and her High School, you might try one of those Reunion School Sites.

vicki said...

It sounds as though she held you in her heart and mind as long as she needed you, Judy. How wonderful is it that you were in the same place at the right time way back when?

Carmi said...

How poignant is that? I hope she knows, wherever she may be, that she is thought of and missed.

Lovely entry. I can see why she started following you in the first place.

Shane said...

neat story. maybe she'll reappear one day.

michele sent me.

Laura said...

awww, I hope she comes across this site someday, you never can tell on the internet.