Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Armchair Travelogue ~ Kauai

My idea of Paradise is on a beach or a mountaintop in Kauai.

Left: The mountains seem to be sliding into the ocean, and did you notice the color of the water? This photo was taken from the helicopter tour. The colors from that angle are breathtaking.

Right: More great color. This photo was taken from the grounds of the Kileauea Lighthouse, on the northern shore of Kauai.

Bottom: The view from the top of Mt. Weialeale. Before the clouds and mist rolled in, this view was the most gorgeous one I had ever seen. Once again, the colors of the water were unbelieveable, and that, coupled with the myriad greens in the landscape was just drop-dead gorgeous. You can't tell I love Hawaii, can you?

Note: I came back to say that the colors do not show up here like they do in the photos I scanned. That's too bad, because they are unbelieveably beautiful.


srp said...

You can scan them and then use the Picasa to work with them...get them back to the right color. But, I think the color is pretty good, the blue water is great.

bornfool said...

Near the top of my list is going to Hawaii. I hope it's soon.

Bernadette said...

Beautiful photos! Kauai - take me away!

Zee said...

Wow... beautiful pics!

Weary Hag said...

I love the imagery you used in your first descriptive. "...the mountains seem to be sliding ..." Excellent!

I've never been to Hawaii and I'm sure I'll never get there (unless they build a road). Thanks for the mini-vacation!