Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Will You Help A Damsel in Distress?

Please help Queen Brenda with her problems; Princess Sparkle and her suitor, Bitchard, are always together, and the Queen wants to know how to get some time alone with the Princess, without banishing Bitchard (thereby making him all the more appealing). You are all so wise and wonderful; won't you please advise her as to how she may accomplish this?



vicki said...

That was a fun link! Since I have similar issues I left a comment.

Angie said...

I read but I alas have thought of no comment yet.

Wilena said...

Queen Brenda was beside herself wanting so much to have some time with her precious princess Sparkle. They use to do so much together but since her suitor Bitchard had started coming around Sparkle only had eyes for him. Queen Brenda planned all kinds of things for them to do that she use to love so much but it seemed like she couldn't get Sparkle's attention away from her Bitchard.

Queen Brenda was feeling so left out that she thought if I could just have a few days alone with my daughter I would be happy. She contacted her friends a King and Queen from another country and ask them to throw a big party for royalty only. And of course that left Bitchard out.

A few days later an invitation was delivered to their castle. The princess was very excited about the party but that meant she would be away from her Bitchard for a very long time. As the time approched for them to leave Princess Sparkle was very sad and that hurt her mother Queen Brenda to see her that way but she wanted to have the time together with her so bad that she continued her plans to leave.

The day of departure finally came and as they were pulling away in the carriage Sparkle was crying so hard because her beloved Bitchard had to stay behind.

The party was a big success and Sparkle had so much fun with all the prince and princesses. When it came time to go home Queen Brends noticed that Sparkle was being reluctant to go and she had to keep telling her to come on the carriage was leaving. On the way home it was like old times with Brenda and her daughter talking and laughing like they use to. As they got nearer to their castle Queen Brenda said "look Sparkle there is Bitchard", and Sparkle said "Bitchard who" and Queen Brenda knew by that her darling Princess had got over her affection for Bitchard. In a few days a letter arrived from a prince that Sparkle had met at the party and her mother knew for sure that Bitchard was gone for good.

brendalove@gmail.com said...


LOL! I hope it WILL just "all kind of go away"!!!!!

And this too shall pass.....

Thank you for the comments and the thank you for the plug Ms Judy!

P.S. Did you lose any power during the storms yesterday?

Guppyman said...

I'm so confused... (Mostly because I don't have time to go read anything...)

But anyway, Hello, Michele sent me.