Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Did'ja Miss Me?

The worst thunder and lightning storm in recorded memory hit us yesterday about 4 pm, and I stupidly forgot to unplug the computer. It knocked out my cable modem and kept me off-line for about 16 hours, producing the worst withdrawal symptoms you have ever witnessed. Thankfully, I got a new modem before the DT's took hold! Rest assured, the next time it even hints of thunder, I will run to unplug everything electrical in the house.
There were some very good plusses to not being on-line last night: I did watch some TV, I read magazines dated this week (not last) and I completed a couple of crosswords. Well, I didn't complete them, I just went as far as I could go. I got into bed before midnight and was able to read several chapters instead of a few paragraphs. The best part was being able to get out of bed before 8 a.m. I am ashamed to admit that I have been sleeping in quite a bit lately, since I spend so much night time on the computer. The man who lives here tells me I am addicted - as if I didn't know it already!

I picked this up somewhere several days ago. If I got it from you - thanks - and I hope you aren't mad I stole it.

Sow happiness in your neighbor's field and you'll be surprised to note what the wind will produce in your own.

Juliette St-Gelais

Juliette was pretty smart; but it's just another way of saying "What goes around, comes around".

I'm thrilled to be back on-line, so I hope you're happy to have me.


Angie said...

Welcome Back!

Maria said...

Glad you are back on line. I knew I was addicted when I spent a week in the RV without being able to connect to the internet.

vicki said...

I missed you! Checked in two or three times. TD says she's planning an intervention over here...

kenju said...

Thanks, everybody. It's good to be missed!

colleen said...

I've been in a bad trend myself...staying up a little later each night on the computer and sleeping later and later...I'm trying to be more disciplined. I did without my compter for 4 or 5 days recently...but used my husband's work lap top. I'm hoping to get one of my own because I'm going to be in Mass. for 3 weeks in July and what would I do otherwise?!