Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm Tired - and Uninspired

A friend sent this to me via email and I hope you will find it amusing, in lieu of a real post, I give you:

The Computer Swallowed Grandma

The computer swallowed grandma
Yes, honestly it's true.
She pressed "control" and "enter"
And disappeared from view.
It devoured her completely
The thought just makes me squirm,
She must have caught a virus
or been eaten by a worm.
I've searched through the recycle bin
And files of every kind,
I've even used the Internet
But nothing did I find.
In desperation I asked Jeeves
My searches to refine,
The reply from him was negative
Not a thing was found "on line"
So, if inside your "inbox"
My grandma you should see,
Please "copy", "scan" and "paste" her
And send her back to me.

Author Unknown.


Jamie Dawn said...


I loved your previous post also. I think Clark Gable is handsome in Gone with the Wind.

Shannin said...

I have not seen that before -- I will have to send it to my mom...

As far as crushes, I'm 37 and find most of the men you listed very "crush-able" even for my generation...especially Cary Grant.

mw said...

oh, heavens! don't let my mother in law see that. she's always terrified that if her computer locks up, she's set off a bomb

OldHorsetailSnake said...

When she finishes baking my chocolate chip cookies, okay...

tommy said...

michele sent me

that's neat. someone somewhere should be willing to take credit. oh what the heck I'll take the credit. I didn't write it though.

Thumper said...

Heh. I should send that to my mom.

Here via Michele's tho I would have gotten here regardless...

Lisa said...

Hi... Michele sent me. Too cute, the poem. I'll have to send that onto some of my techie coworkers.

Weary Hag said...

This is adorable! Can't wait to copy and paste it and send it to friends.