Friday, April 29, 2005

Drowning in magazines

I'm drowning in magazines. It seemed like a good idea at the time; I received an offer to trade my frequent flier (or is it flyer) miles for free magazine subscriptions. I scanned the list of those available, and while they didn't all appeal to me, there were some I liked - and some that I thought might educate us a little - especially about current events. I chose Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, Nat. Geographic Traveler, Travel and Leisure, Town and Country Travel, and another travel mag. I can't remember the name of right now. There was also W, Smithsonian, and Town and Country. My daughter takes Oprah and People and gives them all to me, so that makes 13 magazines, some of which come weekly.

I can just hear you....."Why in the world does that woman need so many magazines, since she spends most of her free time (and some that isn't) on the darn computer, reading blogs? And why would she take four travel magazines, when she can't afford to travel more than 50 miles from home, considering what the gas prices are nowadays"? Plus, she subscribes to Martha Stewart Weddings and buys other wedding magazines too!"

I know not the answer to your question. They caught me in a weak moment, and they used the word "free" which lures me like a magnet! The next time I get a similar offer, unless they have Veranda, Southern Accents and Architectural Digest on their list - they can shove it. By the way, if you are hard up for reading material, I will gladly give you some.


Angie said...

My mother-in-law gets tons of magazine so she passes them along once a month. At not cost to myself we get Southern Living, Food and Wine, National Geographic, Bon Apetite and a couple others. She gives the kids subscriptions for their birthday. The gift that keeps on giving all year long. When we bought this house she gave my husband a subscription to This Old House. Who says mother-in-laws are all bad? lol

terrilynn said...

I'm a junkie, too. Right now I subscribe only to Southern Living, Oxford American and Our State, but I usually buy Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, InStyle, Coastal Living and Paste, plus the random issues of other music magazines and Smithsonian, and Mama sends me all of her soap magazines.

I, too, am drowning!

Cara said...

I'm a magazinaholic, too! I'm also a bookaholic. I have TOO many magazine subscriptions that I don't have time to read and when I hear of a good book I instantly go to amazon and buy it "used" instead of finishing the current book I'm reading. I keep telling my hubby that I want bookshelves in the family room...he's gonna need to build those things very soon! LOL

I'm hear via Michele's M&G!

Dan said...

Look on the bright side - put all the magazines in the bathroom and follow this procedure: read, wipe, flush. Read, wipe, flush. Repeat until subscription expires.

Tamara said...

Happy Friday from Michele's meet and greet! I wish you luck with all of your magazines!

vicki said...

So you'll always have something between your coffee mug and the furniture? I just want to know how many miles this all cost you. Judy, Judy, Judy! (Thanks for stopping by today. I'm very much enjoying your blog.)

Angie said...

I love magazines, too, but I never buy them. I just read all the ones that my mom gets. The only time I take to look at magazines is at lunch at work. All my free home time after the kids go to sleep is spent blogging..reading blogs..etc. :)

Michele sent me, by the way. :)

orfeo said...

Hi kenju, Michele sent me over here. I'm only 6 minutes behind you, so you might be somewhere else at the moment. So, leaving this on your answering machine.

Nice place, you've got here!

Magazines are suddenly no longer part of my life because I can't pick up all the ones Dad buys and read them. I need my own collection I think.

Mrs. Darling said...

I too get gobs of magazines that I never have time to read! By the way I'm here via Michele.

panthergirl said...

Here via michele, but man ... I feel your pain.

A few years ago, Priceline did this grocery thing? Well, part of the deal was that if you signed up for a few magazine subscriptions you got these incredible discounts at the supermarket.

W is the magazine that will not die. I have tried to cancel that subscription a MILLION times. Same with Rolling Stone and Premiere. I love them, but just don't have the time to read them!

I also get Allure, In Style, MacWorld, Fitness, and soon...New York!

Is it just me, or do they make it nearly impossible to figure out how to cancel a subscription?

J&J'sMom said...

Better Homes and Gardens and Angels are the only two I get anymore...who has time to read when there's blogging to be done ;0)

Love the via Hoss today...but I've been here a few other times. Going to go catch up!

J&J'sMom said...

Hello again! this time from Michele ;0) Twice in one lucky am I!