Saturday, April 02, 2005

Bad things come in threes........

Pope John Paul touched the lives of countless millions, many of whom were not Catholics. He was beloved by many people who had little apparent reason to love him, except that no matter what their religion, they recognized the innate goodness and sanctity of the man. HIs life and his death was a model for us all. Dignity and Grace and Determination to the end. Ciao, Papa and vaya con Dios.

Terri Schindler Schiavo, second of the week's deaths; a tortured soul now lain to rest. Or is she? I have so many thoughts on this debacle, but many of them are contradictory. Since I know few of the real facts, I won't comment further.

Who will the third person be? Some have already mentioned a singer who died, but as I am unfamilar with him, I think someone else will round out my trilogy.


catherine ryan said...

Wow, creepy thought. I hadn't considered that. Maybe it's just three major media events! Pope, Terri, Michael Jackson trial.

alektra said...

Mitch Hedberg, a very funny comedian who was 37, died of congential heart failure in the days between Schiavo and the Pope. He was on Comedy Central and all the late night shows many times, and I was fortunate enough to see him and his wife (who opened for him) last year around this time.

He wasn't as important as the Pope, by far. But Ms. Schiavo probably didn't want her fame whatsoever.