Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Travesty in the Making

I am usually apolitical, however there is truly a travesty in the making tonight, and I am compelled to speak of it. Dubya was successful in furthering his quest for Artic oil and I am appalled that this bill was passed. I predict that in the future, our children will be wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth and asking "What have we done?" or more properly, "Why did our parents allow this to happen?" I am so cynical where he is concerned, that it would not surprise me in the least to learn that he caused gas prices to rise precipitously so that he would be able to ram this bill through for passage. (Don't tell me about the war - I know - and he caused that too). I also understand, though I don't know all the details, that it was tacked onto another bill, which probably helped it to pass as quickly as it did. Shame, shame, shame on us. We WILL live to regret this day.

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catherine ryan said...

I agree with you about the oil and the war. I truly believe the Bush's have pursued the presidency to further their own personal oil interests and have sacrificied this country for it.
I also spend too much reading other blogs and then not posting. ;-)
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