Tuesday, March 15, 2005

BEWARE the ides of March.

One of Shakespeare's characters once warned us to beware the ides of March and I can't remember why. Today is actually pretty nice. Spring is teasing us in the last month or so, with little glimpses of the paradise it can be........but then we are thrown back into a hell of cold temps and soggy weather. We have that forecasted for tomorrow, which makes today's warmth and sunshine all the more poignant. It's tough to be on a yo-yo.

One of my favorite bloggers ( http://threeyearsentence.blogspot.com ) has been writing about memories of structures from his childhood; previous homes, etc. It reminded me of a shack we once discovered out in the middle of nowhere while on a long hike during summer camp. We hung back, very curious, but not sure we should defile this long-abandoned house. The camp counselor decided it would be okay as long as we trod carefully; watchful for rotted floor boards and resident snakes. We tip-toed in single file, eyes wide, to find small rooms completely papered from floor to ceiling in old newspapers from the 1920's and early 1930's. We were enthralled with the old advertisements for products and movies and stood reading so long that the counselor had to pull us out of there so we could go back to the camp. My favorite was an ad for a movie starring Ramon Navarro, whom I had never seen but had heard my grandmother raving about. He was apparently the Brad Pitt (or Johnny Depp to you, Brenda) of his day.

When my children were small and our family was on a car trip, my husband talked so much about old homes and abandoned barns that my kids were bored silly. They began to refer to his "orations" as Tape # 751. He always wondered out loud how old they were, and how long it might have been since they were inhabited and how it came to be that they were derelict. The kids always groaned when he started, but I think it placed in them the interest in (if not love for) the same things. Most likely, they will bore their kids silly too. And so it goes..................

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brendalove@gmail.com said...

OMIGOD, Johnny Depp! *faints*

Although I finally got to see "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"....and honestly....Deppinsky does a wonderful job...but I just the movie plain sucked. You can only take the "Wow we were soooo stoned" gag just so far.

I am having a terrible night. It's like 3:15 in the morning and I absolutely cannot sleep. I've tried everything. I'm totally praying it will snow and maybe the whole town will shut down or something. Dream on. Maybe I should get off of the good blogs and go find some boring ones that will put me to sleep.