Friday, March 25, 2005

So long, Cayce......say hello to Dude, Muffin and Maggie

I have to say goodbye tonight to a wonderful dog named Cayce. My son had Cayce for 13 years and she was one of the nicest and most gentle dogs I have ever known. When E & G were small, they crawled all over Cayce and she would look on lovingly and indulgently, as through they were her puppies and not children. Cayce was part yellow lab and part white shepherd and she was an imposing 90 or so lbs. Sometimes they would bring her when they came home to visit, and if my son went out and left her here, she sat beside the door, whining and howling until he returned. I have seldom seen a more devoted dog and it made me even more fond of her. As she got older, she developed the most horrible halitosis and body odor, and no remedy seemed to relieve it for long. We sort of shunned her sometimes, and I know it hurt her feelings. I have decided to ask her forgiveness and to remember that as I age, I will most probably be in the same boat, and I sure hope no one shuns me because of it!
I have known lots of wonderful dogs during my life; in addition to Cayce, there was Dude (Cayce's crazy housemate), Muffin the cairn and Maggie the border collie, Pete the bulldog and Kippy the black cocker spaniel. They all brought me untold joy (and some sorrow too) and I would not trade my memories of them for the world. I now own two black cats and they are good for another whole post by themselves. Cherish your pets, I charge you, for you never know how long they will be with you.


Theo said...

i understand. been there, as you can see here.

thanks for dropping by my blog. said...

ohhhh, I am so sorry Judy. It seems like a lot of us are losing pets lately. They truly are a regular member of the family.

You've also given me an idea for a blog entry.

Michele said...

Oh Judy, I am so sorry. It is so very difficult to loose a pet, because, as brendalove said "they truly are a regular member of the family."


Kathy said...

Here via Michele. We can all feel your sadness and love. Just like Theo, I recently posted about my 14 year old dog's death. It's amazing how much they mean to us, and to our children. Take care!

honestyrain said...

oh how sad. thank you for the reminder to cherish our pets. i'm afraid our sweet doggie has been treated less than grandly since we had kids. life is so busy with young children in the house and the dog has fallen to the sidelines when once he was the baby.

i'm sorry you've lost someone so dear to you and your family.

(meet and greeter.)

Shirazi said...

Congrats for being the Blog of the Day.

BTW, has someone told you that the quote on thetop of your sidebar is so powerful, so true?

Raehan said...

Hi. i am so sorry for your loss. We have a family dog and almost lost her a few years ago. Having kids only makes the loss harder because your memory of the pet is so tied to the children.

Thanks for stopping by my site.