Friday, March 25, 2005

American Idol.......or idyll........and Idle American

American Idol is getting better every season. Seems they are attracting (among all the seriously deluded quacks) some singers of a higher quality than ever before. I do wonder if all the publicity they are getting this time is random or planned. When Mario quit, it created a lot of buzz as to why. I think it was a very smart career move on Mario's part, and as he alluded, you have not seen the last of him. This week, when the producers unbelieveably flashed incorrect phone numbers for three of the contestants - I wondered if it was done simply to get some more hype in the news or if it was a simple error. Methinks I am finally losing my naivete (long past the age when I should have), and I do hate being turned into a cynic.

American idyll: Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii. As I have posted before, I would move there in a heartbeat if I had no living relatives here on the mainland. It is truly paradise, and while I am not by nature a jealous person, I might be tempted to envy those who live in paradise.

Idle American: there are too many of these; I am well acquainted with a few who have too much time on their hands. Enough said. I could get in trouble for saying more, but believe me, I could preach a very long sermon about it.

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