Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Since I first found out

Since I first found out that justaskjudy would be 'Blog of the Day' on March 23rd, I have been trying hard to think of something wonderful and witty to say, but alas, nothing has come to mind (at least nothing you'd be interested in - or I'd be unembarrassed to write about) so suffice it to say WELCOME to my blog. I hope you'll spend some time in the archives and find something which interests you enough to come back now and then.

I would be remiss if I didn't thank the "Blog of the Day" for choosing 'justaskjudy', so please know I am very grateful for your kindness.

My writing here has been random at best; whatever happens or is brought to memory. When reading other blogs I am usually led to remember something similar, and I feel like a copycat for writing on the same or a similar subject. But perhaps that is not a bad thing; if I spark a memory for you, one which makes you happy or wistful , you might be thankful that you've been made to remember it at this moment, and if so, I would consider it a compliment if you 'ran with that ball' on your blog.

Speaking of blogs, I have waaaay too many of them bookmarked and I am definitely addicted to a few. I would like to have a permanent list for you, but I am new to the computer - and so illiterate of its workings - that I don't know how to make a list. I do plan to post a list of favorites soon, so hang around and you may find a few you're glad to know about. Some of you are so poetic in your 'turns of phrase' and I am a little envious of you as well as those who are so funny I laugh out loud. You've brought me many hours of chuckles, laughs, good memories and even furthered my education, and for that I thank you. Thanks for stopping by.......and ya'll come back now, ya' heah?

4 comments: said...

Judy - congratulations! Do you have a site meter or anything? It would be interesting to know how many hits you get.

Michele said...

What a wonderful post and congratulations on being "Blog of the Day" it is deserved because you certainly do have a wonderful blog.

Ben said...

You have a great blog - it seems like you instinctively follow the half-baked rules for blogging that I recently posted.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Very classy of you ;)

PractiGal said...

Hi Judy!
congrats to you!!
Thanks for stopping by yesterday, via Michele...