Saturday, February 26, 2005

Back on track......

The sick one is feeling better today and it appears that the trek north will commence Saturday morning as planned. I attempted to redeem the bad karma of yesterday. Do the lords of karma reward you for an attempt, even if it is not well received?

Jeff ( mentioned people who butcher the language by pronouncing certain words incorrectly. I added my 2 cents to the comments and I will post them here as well. A woman whom I knew quite well years ago always said beef as "beeth", and she referred to K-Mart as K-Mark, as well as calling the crevice tool on her vacuum the "cervix tool".

My Mom always said "Chick-a-fil" for Chick-fil-a. My husband's Mom called doilies "derlies" and the toilet "terlit". He claims that was due to her Irish ancestry.

A friend talked about going on a diet and eating her "Lean Cruzines". I have always had to stifle a laugh when hearing the above butcherings.

2 comments: said...

Ha! My mom was the world champion!

Library = liberry
Crystal = Chrishtal
Diet = Dite

Anonymous said...

Both my mother and wife add a "s" to the end of any store at which they just shopped.

Target = Targets
K Mart = K Marts
Walmart = Walmarts
Kroger = Krogers

etc., etc., etc.