Tuesday, October 31, 2023

A Really Big Surprise…..

This morning, I got a text from a dear old friend, asking for my address. I thought she just wanted to send me a birthday card so I gave it to her. Much to my surprise, abut 30 minutes later, she and her husband showed up at my door. I tell you that if God himself rang my doorbell, I would not have been more surprised, nor any happier. You see, my friend has bad some major health concerns as of late and I had not been able to see or talk to her for a month or more. I had been so worried and this really had put my mind at ease. Topping her visit off, she came carrying a big bucket of gorgeous flowers for my birthday. I was so pleased and happy. She knows what I love (and she does too). We visited for about an hour, and then I had to leave to go play my favorite game - Scrabble. When I got back home, I spent the next 2 hours making flower arrangements. Thanks to my dear, dear friend, I had another great day. When I went to Scrabble, I took my leftover cupcakes from last night with me, and at break, we all shared 1/4 of a huge cupcake. All my Scrabble mates were happy to have them, and they sang Happy birthday to me. It was the 3rd time I had heard it in 2 days! It's always welcome no matter my age. I can truly say that this year has been one of my best ever birthdays, and I thank all of you who made it special for me. I love you all.


oklhdan said...

The flower arrangements are beautiful! Glad you had such a happy birthday!

Jeff said...

Beautiful flowers and a nice surprise.

Celia said...

Lovely flowers and friends, sounds perfect. Happy Birthday.