Thursday, September 15, 2022

Our Oldest Friends Came to Visit....


Our dear, old friends came to visit this week. They stayed for 4 nights and it wasn't really enough time to go through our memories. We gave it the old college try, though. 

We met Fern and Joe when the guys were in the Navy and played on the same basketball team (for Sublant). Fern and Joe married in February and we followed in July. They were our best man and matron of honor, and Jim was Joe's best man, too, but I barely knew Fern when they married. She had only been in Norfolk about a month (they knew each other from before Joe joined the Navy.)

Shortly thereafter, Joe was able to leave the Navy and go back home.....but we stayed in touch and never lost track of them.  It has been 58 years, and when we are together, the years melt away and we take up just where we left off. Aren't we fortunate to be friends for so long?

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