Thursday, September 01, 2022


 I play a lot of word games on my phone (Scrabble, WWF, Lexulous, etc.) and the ads between each game are getting to me. 

The title is always some variation of the above.....and if you believe this is the last day to get the product, I have a bridge in NYC to sell you!

The ads have been running for 30+ days, and every one of them says "It is the last day...."

The current crop is always some celebrity (Oprah or  a similar personality) hawking some diet pills/gummies that promise to help you lose weight - all without a diet or any exercise. BAH! It isn't possible, because medical people would be all over it and if they were, it wouldn't have to be sold during word games to captive audiences.  

They show mostly pretty girls who are grossly fat, in some cases, and the after pics are hard to believe. They also show girls eating the gummies as if they are the best-tasting thing since surf and turf. My problem with it is mostly all of them chew lazily with their mouths open - I guess they think it looks sexy that way. I disagree: it is disgusting. 

Plus,  I am fairly sure that people don't get six-packs by eating gummies - even if it is only one a day. 

I could get rid of the ads - and I am tempted - but I refuse to pay them to delete ads on my games. It's just wrong. 

Do you have the same problem? What ads gross you out?


kenju said...

I don't doubt that lots of the photos are tampered with (photo-shopped), either to make them look fatter before or thinner after.

Star said...

If it was that easy we would all be skinny. But what I got out of this post was that I have to look you up on WWF & Lexulous.