Monday, June 20, 2022

Vacation (more to come)

  •  In May, we went to the Isle of Palms, just over the bridge from Charleston, SC (actually Mt. Pleasant), where our oldest grandson and his fiancee live.  

Our daughters rented a beautiful condo on the beach, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, large kitchen and living room and the best part? A beach front balcony with a perfect view. When we opened the sliding glass doors from the den to the balcony, it was just like being outside. 

Jim and I and our older daughter stayed all week, and the other kids and 5 grand kids came and stayed 2-3 days. It was great to see most of them (we missed you, Jules)  and we enjoyed sightseeing in Charleston and eating out. I only went onto the beach once. The access required a longish walk through deep, loose sand and I can no longer negotiate it that easily. Had my very strong granddaughter not held me up, I would have face-planted on boiling hot sand more than once. 

We had several meals at the condo. We are blessed with at least 4 grand kids who love to cook. One night we had grilled shrimp and beef kabobs, with onions and veggies. They were grilled and delicious. Another night, Jessica made an Italian pasta dish (penne) with a home made sauce that smelled so good I didn't think I could wait until it was ready to eat.  The other meal was grilled die for.

We saw the usual sights that tourists go too, and we ate fresh pralines that were soooo good (but so expensive) that although I wanted to go back and get more, I decided the price was too dear.

We enjoyed walking through the Battery area; full of beautiful old homes and lots of pretty flowers. I say walk, but because Jim decided to stay in the condo that day. I got pushed in the wheel-chair.  It was fun until we hit the cobblestone streets. I had to get out and walk

One interesting thing we saw was the Angel Oak, a 400 year old live oak tree. It is a leviathan among trees and spreads out, covering a very large area. I hope my photos will give you an idea of just how big a tree it is. 

I took about 40 photos and I will post 4-5 at a time.  


Granny Annie said...

I envy you the ability to vacation. You have so much energy.

Arkansas Patti said...

Wow, your daughters hit the jackpot for the family. Large enough for many to visit and a view to die for. So glad you had such a wonderful time and got to catch up with family--plus eat well.
That tree is older than our country. Wow. Can't wait to see more.
So good to see you back posting Judy.

Star said...

Sounds perfectly lively and relaxing Judy. We are in Disney this week with all the children and spouses and grandkids. Getting us all together at the same time is quite the accomplishment. I will need a vacation when this is over. But it is so worth it.