Saturday, January 29, 2022

Maybe I have Mentioned This Before?

 Face masks, glasses and hearing aids do not play well together.

But now that I don't need glasses (cataract surgery rendered them unnecessary), I can't blame them. However, the hearing aids can be easily removed or scalawagged (It is too a word) when you remove a mask.

Such was the case when I got a massage on Friday.  The masseur touched

my hearing aids and partly dislodged one. I put it back afterward, but when I got

 into the car, and removed my mask, the hearing aid fell out. 

I couldn't put it back in while I was driving, so I dropped it into my cup holder for 

safe-keeping until I got home. Of course, when I got home, it slipped my mind.

About 10:00 pm last night, I realized I wasn't hearing as well as usual. The left 

hearing aid was missing. I remembered that it had dislodged, but not where I left it. 

My daughter said "Can you ping it?"  So I decided to check the hearing aid app......  

and to my surprise, It had a function called "Find my hearing aids." Once I clicked

that, two small circles red and one green.  They were located

within a diagram of our home, so I knew the lost one was somewhere between the

car and the house. It was way too cold to go outside to look last night, so I

 resigned myself to waiting until morning. 

When my daughter came this morning, she looked in my car - and she found the

errant hearing aid in the cup-holder.  It's too bad the hearing aid app doesn't have

a way to ping my brain.  


Arkansas Patti said...

Did not know you could do that to help locate hearing aids. I will let my sister know as she has them too.
Yep, my glasses often get tangled in my mask ear loops.

Celia said...

Sigh. My glases fog up with a mask so all my out-of-home visit are done without them. I tried putting them in my car tray, purse etc. but never can remember where they actually are so they stay on my bedside table. Annoying but altogether better than catching or giving the plague. Hearing aids are a different creature entirely. I had no idea they were so tech that you could ping them with your phone. I am way behind the times.

kenju said...

Celia, you can get "Fog Block" from spray it on your glasses and let them dry, and fog will no longer form on them!

kenju said...

Patti, I think she might have to have the app. It's called Hear Link, by Phillips.

Jeff said...

I never knew you could "ping" a hearing aide, but that's a nice feature. Glad it worked out.