Saturday, January 16, 2021

Seventeenth Anniversary

Who ever expected my blog to run for so long? Surely not me. In the first few weeks, I was determined to write, but I had little of an idea of what to write about. I have deleted some of the first posts because they were so inane. Perhaps I ought to do that to many of them? If I listened to my children, I would. HAHA. Of course, I don't post with the frequency I used to in the beginning. Facebook has spoiled us all; we get used to writing short blasts and undertaking a long post feels like working too hard. But I do still have readers, and I feel guilty if I go too long without posting. I wish some of thowse readers would leave comments. I know they have been there, as the stats show me....but it would be nice to know what you think or if you have a similar experience. I enjoy seeing the monthly stats that show what my favorite post has been....and invariably, there are two that show up: are my two most popular. Some of you may not have read them when they were posted. Perhaps you can read them now? Feel free to comment, espcially if this rings a bell with you!


kenju said...

I just remembered that Jim gave me a diamond ring on our 17th anniversary. I wonder if I'll get one for writing the blog? LOL

kenju said...

You will have to "copy and paste" the blog names, is the links didn't work.

kenju said...


I just heard that my former son-in-law has died of a heart problem. He was 56 (I think). He has 5 children....4 of whom are my grandchildren. They have not seen him in 20 years, but I'm sure it still hurts them. May he rest in peace.