Sunday, October 06, 2019

Money, money, money monnnnnnnnnney!!

I went to a club meeting at our clubhouse last week and I did something I don't usually do: I bought 50-50 tickets. 

It is some kind of game, and I don't know exactly how it works, but you buy 5 tickets for $3 and if you have a winning number - you get money back! 

I bought 10 tickets for $6 and when my number came up, I was given an envelope containing $33!  I seldom win anything and this was a nice surprise. 

Of course, the money was burning a hole in my pocket, so the next day I went to TJ Maxx.
There are times when I get the urge to go there, and when the urge is strong, I often find something really great. The urge was fairly strong that day.....and instead of limiting myself to a purchase equal to my winnings, I spent triple that amount. Shame on me. (But I am not returning the purse, the shoes or the blouse!)


sage said...

It’s always nice to win! A few months ago I was speaking at a Rotary Club and won their pot (my host had purchased my ticket). It wasn’t a lot, maybe $20 and I gave it back to one of their projects.

Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

Even spending triple your winnings seems like you did well. Shoes alone have become very expensive. Please give Jim my best and I hope that he will be home from Rehab soon. Also thanks for the promotion of my book. That was very sweet. Believe it or not I had a man email me from Australia saying how much he enjoyed it. I was amazed because Amazon does not sell to that Country … why I am not sure ?