Tuesday, June 18, 2019

We have a winner!!

I, who seldom win anything, have just won a jar of fresh, local honey!  I came up with a slogan for the girls at Double B Farm to use for their honey:

"Busy little bees at Double B Farm - making life sweet!"

Jim and I love honey, and it being fresh and made locally is a definite plus!  When I wrote the caption, I was thinking more of the two girls who run the farm than I was of the bees. But both are very busy - the bees and the girls!  

The girls' grandmother and I became acquainted when we were neighbors in north Raleigh, and although she has moved to Florida, we stay in touch via Facebook.  When I was a florist, I did flowers for Nan; wedding and parties, and I did their mother's wedding flowers. Too bad I won't be around to do the weddings of these girls!!
Meanwhile, we will enjoy their honey!!


LL Cool Joe said...

Congratulations, enjoy the honey!

kenju said...

We are; it is very tasty!

Celia said...

Lovely! I like it in my tea and use in baked bread instead of white sugar.

WearyHag said...

Congrats Judy!

I must connect with you about trying to recover my former blog. I can't seem to even get at the page, let alone the dashboard! Just another fine glitch going on in my brain these days. Miss you. Always do. WearyHag

Pat said...

It's always delightful to win something - especially if one had to use one's creative brain. Enjoy the honey.

Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

I think that NC is a huge Honey state. In my hometown a young couple makes their own too but their main business is making and selling all the bee paraphernalia and they advertise and sell it on the internet.
Congrats on the slogan … sweet !