Monday, October 29, 2018

My Poor Ears

I went to get my ears checked today, because my husband kept suggesting it. My hearing aids have not worked well for months, and sometimes it is because I have wax in my ears. But lately, even when the wax is removed, I can't hear well. 

The  hearing shop did a good job of evaluating my hearing loss, both with and without my current hearing aids. With my hearing aids in place, I heard only 48% of the test words. 48%. Not acceptable!!

I know it is infuriating to those around me and I get embarrassed when I have to ask someone to repeat something 2-3 times. But I can't help it. 

I am on my second set of hearing aids; and both sets have helped, but they are not helping as much as needed.  There is a remedy: I can buy a new set, costing double what my current ones cost  - or I can get my old ones adjusted.  

I go one Nov. 8th (to the place I bought my current aids, nearly 3 years ago) to get my hearing tested, yet again, and get the old ones adjusted to the new test results.  Wish me luck!


robin andrea said...

Good luck, Judy. I hope it all works out for you.

Star said...

A family member wears hearing aids and I know how expensive they can be, Hopefully the adjustment will work for you. On the plus side, maybe you are not hearing all of the political commercials. I have been turning the sound down.

kenju said...

We mute them ASAP!

Pat said...

My problem is that because I spend a lot of time alone I don't notice my hearing loss until one of the kids will say the TV is too loud. If I'm talking one to one I'm OK so rarely put the dam things in. I do keep meaning to. Good luck Judy.