Monday, July 02, 2018

Moppet Sees the Vet (at home) UPDATED!

The mobile vet was recommended to us by family. Since Moppet is so aggressive, it was thought that seeing a vet here at home would be less stressful than travelling in the car.  I'm not so sure it makes a

The appointment was for 10:30 and I was advised to have the cat in a small room or in her carrier, so that they wouldn't have to spend time trying to catch her. At 10:00 am, I caught her while she was sleeping in her favorite chair, and put her in her soft-sided carrier. She was not happy with me, but she only meowed for a few minutes. 

The vets arrived; we talked for a bit and then they asked to take her into a bathroom so they could trim her nails and shave some hair mats. They shut the doors to the bathroom, but after they let her out of the carrier, one of them bumped the door handle and the doors opened to the bedroom. In a split-second, Moppet had escaped and gone under my bed. It took them about 20 minutes to catch her again. Luckily, I had closed the doors to the bedroom - otherwise she would have run into the other bedroom or the office - which are harder to maneuver in and it might have been impossible to trap her there. 

Finally they got her in the bathroom again, and administered a sedative. She hollered like a banshee. They were able to trim her nails, but the hair mats will have to wait for another day.  I was left with some sedatives to put in her food the day before and the day of the next visit. I am not looking forward to

UPDATE:  the vet is coming in an hour. I put the sedative in Moppet's food yesterday (twice) and this morning, as she would not eat even one bite of it.  I called the vet and told them, so they are going to administer a shot when they come - to calm her down. I say good luck with


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