Thursday, July 26, 2018

Hot and Hazy Days of Summer....

....are upon us. Actually, they have been here since May. I used to love hot/hotter weather - but now I have a hard time dealing with it. Since my heart surgery, my body can't handle the heat as it used to. I even had to buy a fan for the kitchen, since when I am cooking with the oven or broiler and a burner too - I sweat like an air conditioner with heavy condensation. I know women are supposed to say "they glisten", but let's be honest - okay? I sweat like a construction worker. 

I went out this morning to pick up my car, which had to have a new starter installed. The repair shop gave me a loaner car to use while my car was being worked on - A Subaru Forester. It is a nice little car. I had a hard time getting my long legs into it, but once I was in the seat - all was well.  Luckily, I had no problems driving it back and forth to the shop. When I picked my car up, it was 87* (10:30 am) and as I drove away, the car was not getting very cool. I was about to go back and accuse them of doing something to my air-conditioner, but then I realized I had not turned it on (only the fan.) I am surely glad I noticed that before I went back and made a fool of myself.

After shopping at 3-4 different stores, I was too pooped to go to the grocery. This is senior discount day, but I guess I'll miss that this week. It's only 5%, but it adds up. 

We had a family celebration last Sunday for my older daughter, whose birthday was the week before.  Not everyone could come, and we missed those who didn't - but it was so nice to see the others and catch up. No photos were taken, though. I didn't press it, since nearly every time I try to get this crowd together for a photo, one or more of them always fusses and says no. You'd think they were all freakish looking; the way they back away from a camera. I can assure you they are not! Maybe when I turn 80 they will accommodate me and allow a family photo.  Hmmmm....that's only 2 years away. 

In fifteen days, I leave to attend my high school reunion. I am looking forward to seeing everyone; but we have lost too many of our class. There were 447 of us and nearly 180 of us are gone now. I guess after 60 years, that is not a bad number - it could be more - but the ones who are gone make me very sad.  Most of the people who attend live far away from our home town, and too many of the ones who live there do not attend. I don't really understand that, but I guess they have what they think are good reasons.  

An update to my post about falling:  It has been over a month now, and I am still sore in 2-3 spots. Take my advice:  do whatever you can to avoid falling, especially if it means you might take the brunt of the hit on your cheekbone and ribcage. OUCH! it takes a long time for it to go away, too. But I'm on the mend.  

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