Friday, October 13, 2017

And Another Busy Week

Today I have a doctor's appointment - just a check up.  I hope she doesn't find anything wrong, but I'm fairly sure she won't.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will go to the free movie here in our neighborhood  -  The Hero - and then in the evening, we are going to dinner at Fleming's, with friends. It is an early birthday dinner for me.  Looking forward to filet and lobster!!

On Sunday, our whole family will convene here at home for a birthday dinner for my younger daughter. More food and hospitality.

Monday, I have the local book club annual luncheon, for which I am making pork tenderloin and cherry sauce.

Tuesday, our old neighborhood women are going out to dinner and after-dinner drinks.

Wednesday, I am going to lunch with 2 friends.

Seems as though that gym time and pool time I have been promising myself will have to come soon, or else I'll need at least 4 pairs of new pants.  Thursday will find me working out!!

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