Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Book about Southern Funerals

We read the book titled "Being Dead is No Excuse" by Gayden Metcalf and Charlotte Hays. It is filled with comic descriptions of Southern funerals; the foods, music, flowers and people who make them what they are. It is amusing, but hardly the stuff of good discussion for a book club - unless everyone has funny situations to offer, pertaining to funerals.  We had a few.  

But I'm sharing my photos from last night with you - knowing I didn't take enough of them - but I was so hungry I had to stop and take care of my plate. It smelled divine in there!

These silks greeted us on the kitchen island. Lulu is what the grandkids call the hostess. 

Our dining table

The antipasto  - not sure why it is called faux.

Aspic, as you can see.

My plate; think of it as a clock: just to the right of the napkin (12 noon)  pork tenderloin (with teriyaki-bourbon sauce), "Liketa Died potatoes", V.D. Spinach  (also known as Visiting Dignitary Spinach, Bing Cherry salad with Co-cola, pineapple casserole, vegetable casserole.  

It was all delicious and we "licked our plates" - well - we didn't, really, but I wanted to.  


sage said...

My book group never eats like yours! But the book sounds interesting.

Granny Annie said...

Think I will look for that book. One of my favorites from years ago was Jessica Mitford's AMERICAN WAY OF DEATH. It made me determine at a young age that I would never pay a funeral home a penny more than necessary.

Dining with you and your group would be a disaster for me. I would be like a bull in a china shop. Give me a burger and fries.

Celia said...

Yum, reminds me of dished my grandmother Laura cooked up. Very pretty table.

Pat said...

Never mind the book - the food looks delish.