Saturday, April 08, 2017

Don't brag about anything - you might draw it to you.....

As little as two weeks ago, I was heard to brag about getting through this winter without having any colds or infections. Guess what?  I have come down with a dry cough and bad headache - same thing my daughter had last week, and now she has given it to me and to her husband. 

My husband started a local pipe smokers club 20+ years ago and this weekend was their annual expo; where they have vendors come in from all over the east coast to sell their wares and tobacco, and talk about pipes. He stayed in the closest hotel, so we wouldn't have to drive back and forth to help him get to the fairgrounds, about 12 miles away. They were hoping for a record turnout, and since the Southern Home Show and a boat show were also at the fairgrounds, they expected a larger than usual audience. Two of the women whose husbands belong to the club invited me to join them for dinner, since our husbands would be occupied with club business and vendors. 

We set out to go to a nearby Italian restaurant, but it was jammed and they could not seat us for at least 70 minutes. We declined to wait and we went next door to a small Chinese place, for which we didn't have high hopes, but our meals turned out to be surprisingly tasty and bountiful. I had shrimp egg foo yung, which I have loved for many years.  Unfortunately, it having turned cold and windy - I ordered hot tea and was served it in a tall styrofoam cup. I didn't think about how much caffeine would be in it - until I was nearly done drinking the whole cup. I sure wish I had remembered earlier. I could not go to sleep last night and as I have not had a nap all day, I am now exhausted.  The illness hit me about the time I got home, so I took pain meds, but they don't help with insomnia (even the self-caused kind.)

I tossed and turned all night, and since I have not napped today (even though I tried) I am now exhausted. I hope to sleep well tonight. It is too bad that lack of sleep will not cause one to lose weight - since I need that. LOL


Star said...

Isn't it great when you aren't expecting much and it turns out to be good ? The cold, not so good. Feel better Judy !

Granny Annie said...

Glad you managed to have a good time at the escaping the event. LOL Sorry you are suffering a cold and all the aches and pains that accompany it.