Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lunch with a Blog Friend +

Vicki and I have been blog friends for at least 10 years; although she doesn't write her blog any more and mine has only sparse updates. We had lunch today at my favorite Mexican place - Los Tres Magueyes - and it was, as usual, very enjoyable to be with her. Once again, however, I forgot to take photos - not even of the food. I had arroz con camarones (rice and shrimp) and Vicki had carne asada tacos, which she said was very good. I do love Mexican food, even though I am not very adventurous with the menu. I love fajitas, and chimichangas and tacos that I make at home. I use the "stand and stuff" taco shells. 

I wanted to see her beautiful granddaughter Arleigh, but she was at daycare today. I surely hope I get to see her again soon. Last time was months ago and babies change so much on a daily basis. 

Now for the  +.......

We have Blue Cross insurance and they have been trying to get me to have a home health visit for the last 2 years. I didn't feel as though I needed it, since I see my doctor regularly, and I turned them down repeatedly. Now they are giving out a $50 giftcard to one of four places, if you will agree to the visit - so today I did. The nurse was delightful and she checked my medicines, asked questions, took my BP and listened to my heart - and that was that.  I am glad I finally agreed to do it and glad it is over.  

My husband says I am becoming too social. I belong to two book clubs, a scrabble group, a club for women named Judy and a neighborhood lunch group, as well as my old neighborhood group of women who get together once a month. Hubby is feeling neglected, since I am gone often.  I do try to make sure that he has something decent to eat when I am away - but it is not always to his liking. 

The cat doesn't seem to like it when I am gone either - but I am not changing my habits for either of them!! As the nurse aid this morning,  "You are not letting any grass grow under your feet, are you?" and she's right, I'm not!!


Celia said...

Good for you. Maybe Hubbie could find some fellows for a coffee klatch of their own.

sage said...

Meeting blog friends are always fun. I assume you're husband will be glued to the TV this weekend with all the basketball--allowing you a chance to escape

joared said...

I agree -- good for you. Go and enjoy yourself -- you've earned it.