Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Our Trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art

I was very late getting onto Facebook today (not that it matters.) I left home at 10:15, to meet seven women from my old neighborhood at our art museum, to view an Ansel Adams exhibit and have lunch. We all enjoyed the exhibit; there is no denying Adam's talent and his choice of subject matter showed us places we might likely never see.

We met in the lobby of the "old" building; saw the exhibit and went to the "new" building for lunch at IRIS. 
I ordered a turkey and provolone sandwich, with sweet peppers accompanied by sweet potato fries.  It was all very tasty and I ate all but 4 of the fries and had 3/4ths of the sandwich. It is a shame I didn't know how badly it would affect my stomach. I have the worst case of indigestion I have had in years. I ran an errand afterward and then came home and slept for 90 minutes. It still hurt. I am going to take a pill for it and pray it goes away soon. There will be no dinner for me tonight; I can't add to my misery.

This is my plate.

Kale and squash.

Pulled pork and onion rings.

Chicken salad and greens.

Which would you prefer?


Pat said...

Indigstion is horrid so I rarely eat pastry. At lunchtime I would have chosen
kale and squash and probably a naughty pud.

tiff said...

Egg salad. :)

Nah, the pulled pork.

You had a lovely day to go to the museum!

Granny Annie said...

I would have picked the pork and onion rings and really paid an indigestion price. Did I ever tell you that when my father was administrator of a very large retirement home, he was taking some people on a tour and one man was interested in several black and white framed photographs he believed were by Ansel Adams. These had been donated by a former resident. They had been hanging in this hallway for years. Turns out they were original photos by Ansel Adams and were sold by the retirement home for several hundred thousand dollars plus they put on a special exhibit that was widely attended.

The Happy Whisk said...

Sorry to read of your tummy troubles.