Thursday, November 03, 2016

A Birthday Celebration - and Other Stuff

On the 29th  (the day before my birthday), my three children and several granddaughters gathered for a spectacular meal, cooked by my son-in-law. He made beef Wellington, stuffed mushrooms and chocolate chess pie - all of which were excellent! We enjoyed the meal and the company of each other. One granddaughter had just returned from a trip to Northern Ireland and Scotland, to visit her handsome boyfriend, whom she met last summer while attending classes at Edinburgh University. Now she is back home at UNC - Chapel Hill. The other one is in school at UNC - Greensboro, so they are both close enough to come often. We are fortunate to have four of them so close by! One grandson went to the NSCU football game and his brother was returning from a conference in Spartanburg, SC, where he presented a paper. The baby is in the flag patrol at her school, and they had a performance that day. 

On October 31st, I bought new hearing aids. It is so pleasant to be able to hear people and not have to ask them to repeat everything!! I go back in 2 weeks for any adjustments that might be necessary, but so far, they are working well. I am having to get used to hearing more noise than I've heard in years. I went to a restaurant today for lunch and I nearly removed the hearing aids - that place was so noisy!!

I got my teeth cleaned this morning - and it was long overdue. I had an appointment in March, which I had to cancel because I broke my collar bone. I am just now getting around to it. I love the feel of clean teeth!

This Saturday, my daughter and I will go to an appraisal fair (with Antiques Roadshow), held here in Cary. Each person can take 3 items, so we will have six things to appraise. I hope I get lucky and find out something is worth more than I have thought. I doubt I have anything worth thousands, but you never know.....LOL. Unfortunately, you have to carry anything you take - they do not provide carts or dollies. I'm going to pack my things in a rolling suitcase.  If I find that I have anything of value, you'll be the first to know. 


Granny Annie said...

I am betting we will get to see you on the Antiques Roadshow. Just let us know because you must have things worth millions!! They had a viewing in Tulsa a couple of years ago and I would have loved to take my many priceless items...mostly sentimental and priceless to me.

What a wonderful family time you had on and around your birthday. So happy for you.

kenju said...

No such luck. I took a Weller vase that turned out to be worth $250 and one of a pair of chairs that Ken Farmer said is one one of the finest examples of furniture painting he had ever seen (or words to that effect), but my Dizzy Gillespie autograph is worth mere pennies, and a bisque statuette is only decorative and not worth much. I have a tile that I found in my dad's tool cabinet; and a man on a FB site for pottery said it was worth $350, but these people didn't think so. BOO!

Cathy said...

Hello there
Annie visits me occasionally and said I should pop over and 'discuss' hearing aids with you lol. I'm getting fitted soon and blogged about it today. Oh the trials of the spare parts dept. get some oldies down don't they. Me, I'll be pleased when they are in my hot little hands or should I say behind my ears. Next trick will be to remember where I put them lol
Did you get someone to video your road show appraisal? The English version is shown on TV here in Australia.
Bye for now

Cathy @ Still Waters