Friday, April 08, 2016

Art in Bloom, North Carolina Museum of Art 2016, Part 2

Cydney Davis-English's interpretation of a statue of The Egyptian Goddess Isis
I don't remember the florist who did this, but it is a study in basing and pave.
                                        Another view of the one above. 
An interpretation of a sculpture 
                        An interpretation of a collar in the Jewish art section
                                                  Solid sunshine!
 An interpretation of a mosaic; I object to the bare use of metal pincushion flower holders. They should have been covered.
                           I loved this one and wish I had gotten a better photo.
                                                     Just my style!
                               Not a good picture. Painting in flowers....

Thus ends my photos of the exhibit. If you are local, I urge you to go before the end, on Sunday.


Pat said...

Especially interesting top have your take on them.

joared said...

Enjoyed your pictures of the artistic flower creations at the museum. Too bad they didn't take your suggestion years ago, but you can feel some satisfaction in knowing that your planted the seed.

Hope you and husband are continuing to progress healing with any exercise skills you've acquired in rehab. Just takes us longer to bounce back at our age now so don't get discouraged.

Granny Annie said...

These are so interesting. The artists must stand back with pride much like doting parents. I liked all of them especially the one you titled "just my style" but didn't care as much for the one that looked like a parade float.

Celia said...

Fascinating. Wish I were close enough to visit in person.