Friday, December 04, 2015

NC Governor's Mansion Christmas Decor, Part 2

Foyer right arrangement, by Judy Carrino

Library mantel, by Mel Day. The
ASPCA theme was chosen by our First Lady, Ann McCrory

Library wreaths, one of four, by Mel Day

Military tree, on the sun porch.

Rear foyer right, by Pam Hartigan

Rear foyer left, by Pam Hartigan

Dining room mantel and table, by Mel Day (the table is not finished here)

The finished table, by Mel Day.

Ballroom mantel, one of two, by Mel Day

This is the bottom arrangement on the right side of the foyer table by Judy Carrino


LL Cool Joe said...

They all look beautiful and very tasteful. I'm so glad you are flower arranging for them again. :)

Pat said...

Wish I could spirit one of those arrangements over here. They are beautiful.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I always LOVE seeing what you all do each year for The Mansion.....It looks absolutely smashing! So very festive. I know you will miss it, Judy.....but what fabulous memories you have from doing this for all these years. And lots of photo's to remind you.....!