Saturday, October 03, 2015

Rain, rain, GO AWAY!!

The entire east coast is wet. It has been raining off and on  (mostly on) for 7-8 days, and we all miss seeing the sun. It has popped out several times,  for a minute or two this afternoon - but we need a full day of it. 

I was supposed to leave tomorrow; going to Virginia Beach for a cousins reunion. At first, there were eight of us attending and little by little, everyone has backed out; some for health reasons and some due to the weather. Norfolk and the surrounding area is always flooded when there are days of torrential rains, and they were predicting a lot of that by the end of the weekend. Sort of defeats the purpose of a beach vacation when the weather is like this. 

Most of us are retired, so we have the freedom to plan another trip in the spring; hopefully when the weather will be cooperating, and our health also. 

Considering that we have had no major hurricanes or bad storms all summer, I find it annoying that we get a storm of this magnitude on this very weekend. Of course, the hurricane was not to blame for all this rain - that is another storm. Had  Joaquin not turned back out to sea, the story would have been much worse. I suspect there were a lot of people praying that would happen  (I was one.)


LL Cool Joe said...

Oh that sucks, I hope you get to rearrange the weekend soon. Having been to Virginia Beach more than once I can't imagine it would be much fun in the pouring rain!

Granny Annie said...

Pooh! I am getting ready to put new tires on my truck and start some driving travel. Our weather has been perfect for driving trips. Just watch it change the minute I hit the road. I so hope you get to have your reunion in the Spring.