Monday, September 14, 2015

Our Trip to New York, Part Six

Coneflowers on the High Line. Click the link to find out all about it.

Interesting architecture....looks like Gehry.

High Line view

Walking the High Line

High Line Rose Hips

High Line Hibiscus

High Line Cattails

Water view from the High Line

Einstein and love, with unknown people. Seen on
the High Line. Click the link at the top to learn about the High Line. It is a fun thing to do while in NYC and it gives unique views of the surroundings.


sage said...

Wasn't the High Line neat? We walked it twice when we were in NYC in June.

kenju said...

We enjoyed it, Sage. Trouble was, I was already tired when we got there - so we didn't walk as far as we might have liked. It was full of people too; making it harder to push a wheelchair and use a cane. But I will definitely do it again.