Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Odds and Ends

Need a book to read?  Our book club has selected "Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke" for our January meeting. I am reading it now, since I might be unable to read it over the next 2 months. Talk about a surprise!! Doris may have been the richest girl in the world, but she was the raunchiest too, and she had many partners! Since we live so close to Duke University, the ties of the Duke Family to that institution are of interest, and Doris does not disappoint. She surprises - she amazes - and her exploits make one read and re-read the tales, just to make certain you actually read what you thought you saw. I one minute I can sympathize with poor little Doris;  her father and mother secluded her in a multi-story mansion in New York City and she had few playmates. She grew up knowing that most people would want to be her friend only to get close to her money and I can imagine what a horrible piece of knowledge that is, especially for a child, who is ill equipped to discern who has good motives. The book is fascinating; sometimes in an odd way.

The book is being read now because I will be having heart surgery sometime soon and I don't know if I will be able to or feel like reading for a while. I may have to re-read parts of it before the January meeting (assuming I will be able to attend.)

We saw the surgeon last week. He mentioned doing two different procedures and at the time I didn't challenge it, as it was a lot to take in at one time. Later, a family member questioned the need for the second procedure mentioned, as out of the five cardiologists I have seen since last April, he is the only one who has ever mentioned that he thinks I might need that done. My family member is undoubtedly correct, and now I am waiting to speak to the cardiologist to find out if I can wear a heart monitor for a week or so, to prove or disprove that I have a need for a second procedure. That family member  (who is in the medical profession) also says that the procedure mentioned is not the go-to method for curing that symptom anyway - so we have to clear that up as well. I understand the need for the caution, but I am so ready to feel better!!

Someone mentioned after my post on The Chorus Line that I had seen more in the past year than he had in his life. Actually many of the ones I mentioned go back 25 years or more. I didn't mean to give the impression that I'd see all those recently. I am blessed to have seen any of them, though, and will remain grateful, even if I never see another show.

Tonight we are going out to dinner with a group of couples from T.A.P.S  (Triangle Area Pipe Smokers). My husband was one of the founders the group many years ago. They started a tradition last year; the men who did the most to help produce their local pipe and tobacco show (and their wives) will go out to dinner each year, and part of each check is covered by the club. The venue is The Angus Barn, a local restaurant of great fame, which I have written about before. I am considering lobster tails or surf and turf, but that may change after I peruse the menu. I have plans for photos, but as you may know, I often forget to take them while in the heat of the moment, so to speak. 


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope you are able to get it all sorted out, dear Judy--before your surgery, of course. It sounds like your inside family member knows more than the cardiologist.

The Doris Duke book sounds very very interesting---Something I might like to read.

It's interesting about going to the theatre---I am always surprised when someone says they have never seen a play or a musical---I feel so very lucky that I began seeing LIVE theatre when I was about 4 years old and have probably seen 1000 shows in my lifetime---Theatre being such a huge part of my working life, as well as such a pleasurable part of my life, in general. It's one of the things I miss most because of my confinement.

I'll be keeping good positive thoughts for your coming surgery, my dear....Meanwhile, take good good care!

Arkansas Patti said...

I remember being fascinated with Doris Duke's affair with Porfirio Rubirosa, a good looking scoundrel. It was quite the gossip item.
If you are having doubts, I do hope you seek further opinions till you are satisfied. Let us know.

MaR said...

It's been a while... with shorterand colder days I will be indoors more ;) Thanks for sharing the book, I will look it up.
And I hope everything goes well!!

Star said...

Good for you for doing some research on your upcoming surgery. Afterwards you will have plenty of reading time while you recover.

Granny Annie said...

It does sound like you have found a great book for your club. I am glad you have a medical professional in your family to help direct your choices. I feel confident that all will go well for you.

Peruby said...

Is your book written by Jason Thomas and Pony Duke? I've found one on Amazon, but the title is different.

Too Rich: The Family Secrets of Doris Duke.

Okay...I see. Looks like they made a TV goes by both names.

I cannot imagine being that would have to be bittersweet, if not downright nightmarish.

Pat said...

I'm glad you are surrounded by a loving caring family.
With all the professional advice - in the end - it is your body and you should be the one to make the final decision.
I'd love to read D.D's book as one - sort of - grew up with her.
She must never have been sure if people loved her for herself or her money.
Didn't Cary Grant marry her one time?
I'm quite sure you will be chewing the fat with the rest of them in January. Warmest wishes Judy.xoxox

kenju said...

Pat, she didn't marry Cary Grant, but she dated him. I read on the internet that at the time, he said he was dating the 2 richest people on earth (one was Doris and the other was a man.)