Friday, July 19, 2019

A Trip to The Ackland Museum in Chapel Hill

A group from my neighborhood organized a trip to The Ackland Museum the week and afterward we went to Top O the Hill restaurant. I had always wanted to go to the museum, so I looked forward to it. I was not disappointed; the museum had a nice array of art, a nice gift shop and 2 docents to lead us through the galleries.  I am posting a few photos I took there:

The entrance, has sapling sculptures by Patrick Dougherty. These are teapots. Next is a pair of Chinese sculptures; I didn't take notes and I don't remember their purpose. Below that is a Japanese artist's sculpture: Fujikasa Satoko, called Flow (2013). Below Flow is an Asian flask - a beautiful piece of pottery. Below that is a painting by Rubens, I think. I wish I had written it down. 

This painting is by Amadee Ozenfant, called Sisteron, between 1919 and 1928.  It reminds me of Arizona and New Mexico.There is quite a good number of blue and white porcelain dishes, plates and bowls. Plus a lovely statuette below. If you have an opportunity to visit The Ackland, I recommend it, and I recommend obtaining a docent for your tour.

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Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

Very interesting Judy. I've never heard about the Ackland Museum and will make it a "must see."