Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Monday Night Dinner Group

The Monday Night Dinner Group, in my new neighborhood, went last night to The Nantucket Grill in Durham, NC.  I have been to that restaurant at least 4 times - the one in North Raleigh.  This one falls far short, in my opinion. It is smaller, noisier and cluttered in appearance. 

Granted, there were about 30 people in the group, and even so the service was fairly good, but the food was not prepared in a good way.  I ordered scallops and shrimp. The breading was too thick, and the seafood was  oily and over-cooked. The side-dish was asparagus (with thick stems) and it was very hard to cut thorough and woody, though soggy on the outer edges. 

They are known for their cakes and desserts, and that didn't fall short. I ordered salted caramel cake and it was very tasty and the slices are large enough to share. Our desserts were on the house, making them taste even better, of course. I brought half of it back to Jim and he was grateful!

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