Monday, April 30, 2018

Passing Too Fast

Edited below:

Time is, that is. I can hardly believe we are at the end of April 2018 already. Seems like only yesterday......

We have a busy May coming up; three grandchildren are graduating between now and June 8th. Then there are several luncheons, Mother's Day,  doc's appointments,  etc.  Plus the cat needs to go to the vet and it is time for my annual mammogram. I go see a movie nearly every Saturday afternoon at our clubhouse, as well as a documentary or foreign film once a month. Sat. we saw "Lady Bird" which was good, and the documentary yesterday was titled "Young@Heart". I heartily recommend this one, if you can find it. It is a good lesson on staying young as best you can while heading into old age. Music can help, as can community with like-minded people. I am so lucky to have that.  

At the movie on Saturday, a couple approached my table and asked if they could sit with me. I agreed and we began to chat. I asked them how long they had lived here in the area, and she replied one day. Then I asked where they moved from, and she said Charleston, WV  (my home town.)  Imagine my surprise!! She went to my high school, but graduated 5 years after I did. We chatted a bit more, but I never heard their last name. I hope I run into them again soon. I think they were brave to attend the movie on their first full day here; I'd have been busy unpacking boxes!!

Spring has finally arrived and flowers are blooming all around. The fruit trees have all gone now, but roses are popping out daily. I wish I could do some gardening; my flower beds need trimmed and weeded and pruned  (so do I) lol, but I have a hard time getting to it (can't kneel or bend over).  Oh, well, they will get on without me. So many things do.

Edit:  I forgot to mention that I visited an old friend in her nursing home this week. She turns 93 on May 1st. About a month ago, she had an aneurysm and was taken to the hospital and operated on. I was pleasantly surprised to see her looking well - considering her age and recent troubles. The poor thing is enduring physical therapy and all sorts of medical treatments. We always go out to eat for our birthdays, although not always on the day or even in the week of......but this time we have to wait until she is healed and able to leave the nursing home. I hope that comes soon!  

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