Saturday, March 31, 2018

I must be living right!

Today I went to the place I usually buy new glasses, expecting to pay a boat load of money for them. I soon found a frame I liked and sat down to be measured.  My daughter mentioned an insurance we all have that gives us discounts on such things.  I didn't have my card with me, but she had hers. The optician had never heard of the program before, but he looked it up on their computer and said it gives a 5% discount. Well, as you know, 5% is better than nothing.

The guy started measuring my eyes and eventually said they would discount my new glasses by $40  (even though that was more than 5%. I was ecstatic - plus the lenses didn't cost as much as the last pair - bringing the cost even lower than I expected.

Then the good news:   I get a refund once a year from the use of that store's credit card.  I had no idea how much it was this year, but they checked and said I'd get $50 back. So my glasses cost less than $90 below the cost of my last pair.

Can you say "VERY HAPPY WOMAN?" 

I'm supposed to get them within 7-10 days, so I'll let you see what they look like later.


Pat said...

That's what we like to hear.

Celia said...

What a good surprise!