Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Dental Saga....UPDATE

On Wednesday, I went to the UNC Dental School to get a temporary crown installed. It went well, but after I went home and had lunch - it fell off. I had not eaten anything hard - it was a soft burger from Wendy's. So I texted my student dentist and he asked me to come back (to urgent care) to have it put back. I went back immediately, and a student named "Tsua" glued it back on for me. 

At dinner that evening, which was about as soft as I could make it - a tomato sandwich on plain bread - there were no problems, but at 7 pm, as I was going out the door to a party, it fell out again. A text from my student suggested I could come back on either Thursday or Friday; I decided to go back ASAP. 

On Thursday morning, I saw a woman student, named Natalie, who reapplied the crown. I doubt that a crane could pry it loose now.  I hate to say it, but it took a woman to get the job done!!

This Monday, I go back to have the final impression taken and I should be able to get the permanent crown in a week or two. It's a very good thing that the dental school is only 12 miles from my home; we go the "back" way, which has little traffic.  Otherwise, the four trips there and back would frustrate me as much as finding parking does. Parking is in short supply there, and it often takes me as long to find a parking spot as it did to get into Chapel Hill. I certainly hope that my next visit goes well and that the permanent crown is a piece of cake, so to speak.

On Monday, they had to remove the temp. crown, do some grinding and re-apply it. It was fine during dinner (scrambled eggs) but at breakfast (soggy Cheerios) it fell off - yet again. I am losing my nearly infinite patience. Jim says "this is what happens when you try to save money."  I suppose he would have preferred I went to the regular dentist and paid $1400 for the work. I can't win.


Celia said...

Be great to have it in and done with. Tell them to stop using silly putty for glue.

Star said...

Years ago I had a crown pop off. When I got to my dentist he determined it was a temporary one he had put it years prior. Neither of us could explain why I had never gotten the permenant one.

Granny Annie said...

My Dentist put on my temporary crown plus she gave me a second temporary just in case the first broke and she told me to use a little toothpaste in the temp crown if it popped off to hold it until my permanent crown was ready.