Friday, October 28, 2016

Eating Out Again!

  • The ladies (twenty of us) from my new neighborhood went to Maggiano's in Durham last week. I ordered eggplant Parmesan and one to take home. They have at least six or seven entrees where you can order one and take one home - and they don't have to be the same foods. Interesting concept!  The food is good, but the marinara sauce is a bit too tart for my taste. Jim likes it, though, so he had that for dinner that night.
Last night we went to dinner at Lugano's in Cary with our across the street neighbors. It is a very nice ristorante, with good ambiance, and (as of last night) - poor service.  We ordered; then waited - and waited - and waited. I noticed that people in a booth behind us were seated well after we were and they were served much sooner. A question as to why elicited a response that the "meatballs" took longer. Apparently they ran out and had to make more. I wish they had told us earlier in the process.  By the time our meals came, we were all so hungry that we literally attacked the food. I had shrimp oreganato, a Caesar salad and for dessert - the 


Italian donuts tossed in cinnamon-sugar and drizzled with our homemade caramel rum sauce. Served warm with vanilla ice cream. This stuff is Heaven on a plate. Be sure to save room for it!!

When the bills came, they were all messed up. They had my entree with the neighbors and vice versa. It wasn't a huge problem, but it took time to redo them. By that time, we had been sitting in one spot for almost 4 hours. People of a certain age can't do that and expect to be able to move quickly afterward.....LOL  We were assured that our neighbors have been to that restaurant many times and the service has always been good before. I guess it just wasn't our night.

I just looked at my post list and discovered one I wrote 2 months ago about eating out. I lamented the fact that my clothes were all getting too small; now I am making it worse!

Sunday is my birthday, and tomorrow the family is gathering for a dinner. It will be great to see everyone again, but I am sure to eat too much again. Somebody slap me!!


LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha 4 hours in one spot is a long time to be sitting whatever your age! Mind you, I sit on a plane for 11 hours with only one loo break!

Good food in a good restaurant with good company is always a treat!

Happy Birthday for Sunday!!

Granny Annie said...

How long must we go on denying ourselves the heavenly treats put before us? Food is displayed everywhere and only the delicious food. Maybe if we looked at garbage more often we would lose our appetites. I'll catch you on Sunday for birthday greetings my friend:-)

Pat said...

I refuse to nag you and rely on your good sense to cut down a little.
Believe me I am in the same boat but with a BP test looming I have the incentive.